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Wife Detects My SEOContest2008 Intentions…

While watching the History Channel on the topics of UFOs, and my daughter playing with some random toys in the living room, my wife is using the laptop checking some emails. Sitting beside me, I then tell her to check out some SERP. She then asks me what to search for and I said SEOContest2008. And within the results, I point out where Eli is, where MajorKontrapelo is, where Mann3r is. And my wife asks me, where are you? And I say, I’m not yet in the results. Then I ask her to do a site command on my domain to check it out. And yes, I’m not in the results yet. After a few minutes I stand up and tell my wife I got to work.

Now in my office/room my wife enters and says: I know what you are doing, you are not going to work. You are going to catch up in the contest. My SEO WifeThinking about lying first and say I am going to work on some project, but… my wife knows me to well. No need to lie either. And I simply said, yes, just to setup my account. It won’t take long.

It is just the first week of the contest but I am not in panic mode yet, but I just know working on the site little by little is a lot more easier than playing big catch up later. Might as well do something right now, at least get into the SERPs and just work slowly so it is easier to manage later on.

This SEOContest2008 by the UKWebmasterWorld forum is not as big as the previous SEO World Championship last year by GetUpdated that gave me a car. This contest is only $1,000 but so far this is the biggest one I can find this year and all there rest are all $250 and below. Might as well go out and try for this one. Although I was really keeping my eyes on the 2008 SEO World Championship that started last year on January 15. Looks like this year, it is not going to be a reality. So I wonder what Luar Buso is up to? Was the 2007 SEO World Championship not worth it in terms of their marketing campaign that doing a 2008 version is just not worth to repeat? I still hope they come up with a bigger or even the same magnitude as last year so it is really worth your time to optimize for.

Oh well, got to stop now, since my wife is just behind my back and she wants to see more work done than working on an SEO contest. Which reminds me I also have to help Phong catch up as well. I also have domains to share with others.

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