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Starting late in GlobalWarming Awareness2007

Many have already started well in this SEO contest, and I have barely gotten my feet wet in participating here. Maybe I could even barely make any significant effect as there are a large of competitors in this SEO contest. And it will be difficult to catch up the competition. Considering I still do have a fulltime SEO day job, and still fulltime SEO job at home. And I have been tired from work, tired from my last vacation to the Philippines and tired from the previous SEO contest I have been joining 3 in a row having this performance record:

  • Isulong SEOph – 11th (Google..com.ph)  Sept 31, 2006
  • Vorgermilten – 1st (Google.com); 4th (Yahoo.com) Dec 31, 2006
  • Ituloy AngSulong – 10th (Google.com) February 23, 2007

With only about 2 months remaining, I am no where in the SERPs for GlobalWarming Awareness2007. And right now, I am still working on onpage optimization. Let’s see what could I do in a single weekend.

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