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SEOContest2008 – Now back in a familiar spot but still anything can happen

Ok, so I am number 1 now. But it is still February, and the SEO contest ends on April 1. This is totally still anyone’s game and now is not a moment to rejoice or be happy. After looking at the SERPs, I noticed, Major Kontrapelo floating around the first page up and down and is now at number 5. Elmer first had a banned Blogspot entry, and I found his efforts put to waste to I decided to give him a domain, and so far his site is also on the first page. Jehzlau on the other hand just keeps on working with numerous contacts from the Philippine blogging community. I personally do not know Garry but he is doing a good job. It would be nice seeing him stay on the first page.

Other people I wish to see moving up is Leo and the .mobi site who I think Jehzlau knows who running that show. And helloooo Mito, what’s happening? Stop dipping back to page 3 and join the fun! And Ricusa, I believe this is your first contest, don’t think you are inferior to others. Just keep working on it and try catching up. Hello Jun, Eli T., Ronald, where are you guys in the SEOContest2008?

Hopefully my ranking stays but of course, anything can happen since there are a lot of talented SEO professionals in this contest.

Update: Edward(Dubai) and Ed C.: Where are you too? Isn’t Ed C.’s site the SEMLaguna?

Update: Calling wraithstrider, yuhooo where are you? And Neil, I see you following me… any improvements?

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15 comments on “SEOContest2008 – Now back in a familiar spot but still anything can happen

  • oh March 1 pala mag end? i tot april 😀 hehehe… tsk tsk tsk tsk.. mukhang di ako mag totop 1 kung march 1 mag end waaaaaaaa.. (feeling ko naman mag totop 1) hehehe..

    btw. I bought .mobi for batangyagit.com hehehe 😀

  • Ooops, my bad, it’s April 1. Will edit my entry.

  • hey benj my site is back in top 10 in some data centers.

  • nice observation. 😉

  • Hi Ed, yes, actually see it in the top 10 right now at number 10. And on some DCs you are number 5.

    Winston, you got to catch up more. Hope to see you on page 1 too.

  • Hi Sir Benj, this is duane. Congratulation in advance…I still believed before that you can get your entry to the top. Last week this blog was suddenly disappeared on 2nd page of google.com but at this moment you are no.2….Well, if di lang ako busy sa mga seo projects ko. I wish to support you kahit man lang sa Link building. More power….

  • Benj,
    Nice site, the graphics on the top of the site is fantastic and thanks for participating in UK WW SEO contest, you are number two as I post this comment, good luck :)

  • Nice to find you here Temi. Yes, number 2, number 1, I go up and down. And who knows by April 1, I might go down the drain. *LOL* Personally I don’t like this spot this early. I guess my personally feelings about this SEOContest2008 I can compare with cycling since I raced road races and mountain bike races in my younger years. In long bike races, I did not like being the leader of the race, the yellow jersey. Too much pressure. I liked being number 2 to 5 where there is less pressure and still always keeping the yellow jersey in my eyesight. Then I just attack at the last 10 or less kilometers. :) Well hopefully I still get to maintain this lead but you still never know. There are a lot of great competitors out there.

  • Good to know that Pinoy blogger are on top.. But just a question . if you are looking for the tops spot but why you are leaking some juices.. to your competitors ? Without nofollow : HHmm.. something I do not know ??

  • Hi Dexter, looks like there is something you don’t know. Here are a few.

    1. The juice link reason is simple. I want to give it so I can pull them up. No other reason. And I think it is obvious in this blog post.

    2. If that seems hard to believe. I can’t even remember how many domains I bought. I think there were 8 or 10. Seocontest.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, iseocontest, eseocontest and several others. And I simply gave them away to other Filipinos.

    So to summarize it, I have 5 words: I want to help them.

  • Nice Benj! Sorry been out of focus lately. Kakabalik ko lang sa work from a month of leave, kaya nagbabawi. Don’t worry me mga kung-fu magic pa namang natitira. Will use them paunti-unti, hehehe!

  • nice benj and also read your problems regarding this SEOCONTEST2008 i hope you can also add me in this post this is my entry url myseocontest2008(dot)blogspot(dot)com ..

    I’m really into relevancy since i read your new post on seocontest2008.com and thanks again

  • benj your site is back in number 1. 5 na tayong pinoy sa top 10!

  • Ouahouuuu !

    I understand now how you rank number one, you got a lot of friends Benj. And lot of them have done a webpage for this seocontest… Nice job done :)

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