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SEO Alien Abduction

If you were under a rock and did not know about the Dave Pasternack and his SEO contest along with some of his quotes saying SEO is not rocket science, it is like baking a cake.* I heard the podcast, on SEORockstars, followed the stories, read the blogs. But one of the interesting post I read was by another Dave. David Temple and he has a very entertaining SEO Alien Abduction story. I had fun reading it, and I do suggest you check it out too. You would appreciate it more if you have been following with the Dave Pasternack story, but if not, you will still enjoy David Temple’s alien story and just bear in mind Dave Pasternack’s quote saying that SEO is easy: SEO is not rocket science, it is like baking a cake.*

*The “it’s like baking a cake” seemed to have evolved in the discussion about David Pasternack among SEO people where I guess I am not 100% sure where it originated from. As confirmed by Mr. David Pasternack in his comments below. He did not say “it’s like baking a cake.” Nevertheless, you can continue on to the link above and have a fun time reading David Temple’s post.

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3 comments on “SEO Alien Abduction

  • I’d just like to point out, for the record, that I’m being misquoted here. Yes, I said that “SEO is not rocket science,” but I never said that it was like baking a cake.

    What really happened was, after I said that SEO wasn’t rocket science, a number of vituperative SEOs with axes to grind said that it was rocket science, because most people didn’t know how to do it. I then said that I didn’t know how to bake a cake, but that didn’t make it rocket science.

    Just FYI.

  • Hi Dave, thanks for the clarification. I will also edit the post.

    – Benj Arriola

  • I personally SEO and PPC are both necessary.

    There are those like me who rarely click on any sort of sponsored search ads and there are those who love it.

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