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Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Day 1 – Keynote Speech by Shawn Rorick

Shawn Rorick is the Director of Marketing of Cirque de Soleil, RSD. Totally un familiar who he was, thinking because it was my first Pubcon, as he continued to talk, I think I was not alone. It seems he is a Pubcon veteran but was a first time keynote speaker. Although it was his first time, I must say he did a good job.

He basically compared oldschool marketing and current day Internet marketing. And he explained this by example and has used a lot of McCain – Obama examples although he said there is no political reasons behind it. It was simply just observing the two political campaigns in a marketing point of view and the steps they took online.

One thing I liked about the presentation is what he has discussed about the long tail. Everything still holds true and has shown the usual long tail graph. With the current presence of not only SEO, but many various types of online social media, the long tail graph still looks the same but has experienced a shift in the graph, but the graph is still basically the same. Just more opportunities where to apply the long tail. And to spice up interest and add some mild humor, he even shows a photo of a tail of a cat, where today… is different and he shows a photo of a tail of a crocodile.

Shawn ends his post by summarizing everything into: Discover, Evaluate and Evolve.

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  • wow thanks for sharing, even though were not on conference its really great to read some good stuff here i found interesting info’s nice job

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