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Plan to add a Forum after the Isulong SEOph SEO Contest

This Isulong SEOph Contest is ending on September 30, 2006, although this site will be a permanent SEO Blog where this Isulong SEOph website is predicted to be a PR6 website on the next PR update as calculated by iWebTool’s PageRank Prediction tool, there are plans to add a forum to this site. It does not need to be integrated within this Isulong SEOph WordPress template and can be placed on another page. Now I am choosing what forum software should I use?

  • phpBB – Very popular, free, but also has a history of being hacked quite often. Nice collection of add-ons and themes available from all over the place.
  • Invision Power Board – Version 1.1 is free, but not that SEO friendly. You will have to pay for the better version. Although you can modify the free one, you need to consume that extra time to make it work.
  • SMF – Simple Machines Forum is also free, also many add-ons available.
  • vBulletin – Has a reputation to be one of the best forums out there. Although one of the best, it does come with a more expensive price.
  • SEO-Board – Not that popular. Small, lightweight program. Clean template with note much code to have a good code to content ratio for SEO and has SE friendly URLs. But since it is not that popular, we have yet to see it in large forum databases.
  • XDForum – I see no other reason why to have this but it can be easily integrated in the WordPress template.

I’m kind of leaning towards phpBB to start with for this Isulong SEOph website and then when there is enough money, switch over to vBulletin.

Please tell us what you think, if possible, please kindly answer the poll on the sidebar and leave a comment. It only takes less than a minute. Your views will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much.

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