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Do Not Vote! And Tell 5 Friends Not To Vote

Before you say anything… watch the video.

Go ahead and register to vote now Looks like I need to tag all my US based friends. Hmmm 5 people.

  • Sujan Patel because his lat blog post is November 2007, lol
  • Pamela Lund because she’s hot. Hot women have a lot of followers sometimes. 😀
  • Anne Haynes since I don’t know what’s up in her world
  • Lon Safko to get away from the crazy SEO chat we had that just hurt my head. *LOL*
  • DJ Happee so he keeps sending me some cool stuff via IM from time to time.

I believe it was never Google’s intention to use SEO people and promote their voting registration system. But it looks like sometimes Google can use some SEO and Social Media Viral push from SEO people. It’s for the country anyway. So register now.

In my case, I am registered already. So this is for others. If the people I tagged are registered too already, then tag others too so they spread the word. And I will just keep busy probably with the Promotional Items Corporate Gifts Srednarb Contest.

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One comment on “Do Not Vote! And Tell 5 Friends Not To Vote

  • I loved this video. I can’t wait to see what kind of videos they come up with for 2012. I know that the Internet is going to play a huge part.

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