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Changes in the top 10 Isulong SEOph Rankings

Thursday, August 24, 2006, the top 10 that seems to have been stable for several days has changed. As I was expecting pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph to trade placed with kontrapelo.com and then having joomlamoro.com/isulong-seoph move up moving pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph down, something else happens…

Instead, Major’s kontrapelo.com/isulong-seoph is ejected out of the first page as Jeedo Aquino maintained isulong-seoph.info moves up into the first page at number 10. Keeping Janjalani’s pinoynets.com/isulong-seoph at number 9.

From my current view all site’s cache is dated August 22, 2006 except for Noel’s noels-isulong-seoph.com and isulong-seoph.info. Maybe after Google reindexes those two, we will still see some changes.

BBD Whin’s bicolbusinessdirectory/isulong-seoph seems to secure it’s spot more at 3rd place keeping SEO Comics Jozzua’s isulong-seoph.net still at striking distance.

And I have seen a bunch of dancing between Benj’s isulongseoph.com.ph, J. Angelo’s go-oogle.com and Jedi’s isulongseoph.ph currently having positions 5, 6 and 7 respectively.

Right now kontrapelo.com and joomlamoro.com/isulong-seoph are knocking on the door of page 1, it looks like tips1001.com/category/isulong-seoph is catching up whose technique has been quite entertaining. There has been a day where technorati was filled with his post, from the looks of it. It seems he has 300 more blogs each with 2 post. I do not know if it is scraped content or not, but he seems to be catching up with the main page 2 Isulong SEOph sites that might jump into the page 1 craziness. Still more than a month to go and a lot can still happen.

Good luck to all Isulong SEOph SEO contest competitors.

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