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Google Local Business Places Linking Straight to Website

Interesting. Linking straight to the website and not to a places page. Related PostsControlling Google Maps Red Marker in Street ViewIn singing up your site on Google Local Business Center, you get the red balloon marker on Google Ma…Download Aizatto’s Related Posts WordPress PluginMany people love the Aizatto’s Related Post WordPress Plugin. Who does not

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Land of Rainbows and Unicorns

The Question… Tommo from London, UK, most likely an SEO guy had a question on how to generate ranking reports. Here was his specific question: What is the best way to check your own site for keyword rankings, e.g if I wanted to target a new phrase and wanted to check the progress of its

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How to hide text that the Google Spam Team will NEVER find out!

Ok Matt Cutts showed us an example how not to hide text in this video. Ok, of course that is a stupid way to hide text. And of course Matt Cutts will say do not hide the text. But I will tell you a secret! How to hide text that the Google Spam Team will

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Google, Please Don’t Know Me

In any business, being popular helps if you are popular for the right reasons. Generally anything positive about yourself can help boost your business, or your credibility in your own field of study that can help you in your current employment, or getting a new job. But unfortunately, after the You & A portion of

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SEO Philippines – Ingat sa mga Translations!

Click here to let Google try and translate this. Noon, nakakatagalog pa tayo sa SEO Philippines na umaasa tayong hindi tayo maiintindihan ng mga taga ibang bansa. Una sa mga namimirata ng kung ano ano. Maiintindihan na. Mga sekreto na panlaban sa mga taga France at Indonesia sa mga SEO contest. Tayo tayo lang naman

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How to find Google Patents

So you think you have a Google-killer idea? A search engine of all search engines? An invention so revolutionary that Google might buy your work? Stop and take a look around the US Patent and Trademark Office website. Every new unique work done by a careful individual will always have his work patented by his

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Google Maps Reaches Out to Your Area

Google Maps now has a wider coverage for Asian and Latin American countries. It only used to have vector map data in some countries like the United States, Europe and other countries which have a centralized mapping system. For some countries like the Philippines, map users rely heavily on the information contributed and shared by

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Getting out of Google's Supplemental Index

The drive for me to write this blog post was mainly from a PM from a member of SEO Philippines. His message below and i translated parts of his message in Tagalog to English. This is Carl of carlocab.com I have been a fan of you since the start Your the best in SEO! And,

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