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Download Aizatto’s Related Posts WordPress Plugin

Many people love the Aizatto’s Related Post WordPress Plugin. Who does not if you are in SEO? At the end of every WordPress blog post, this plugin finds the related blog post and places them at the end of the post. This promotes cross-promotion of blog post that can be beneficial to your blog readers,

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Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Day 1 – Keynote Speech by Shawn Rorick

Shawn Rorick is the Director of Marketing of Cirque de Soleil, RSD. Totally un familiar who he was, thinking because it was my first Pubcon, as he continued to talk, I think I was not alone. It seems he is a Pubcon veteran but was a first time keynote speaker. Although it was his first

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Pubcon Las Vegas 2008 Day 1 – Conference Introduction by Brett Tabke

Introductions are not meant to be long, and so was Brett Tabke’s conference introduction to Pubcon 2008. It was not long but not too short either. With the ongoing economic condition, Brett shared his concerns on how much people will attend the conference as many companies have been saving a lot Brett has express his

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Blackhat SEO Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween! I decided to join forces with the dark side for a day and practice the real dark arts of SEO and personified the king of all Blackhats, Darth SEO. Related PostsHappy Halloween to all Ituloy Angsulong SEO Contest CompetitorsAnd as a Halloween post, here is how Lord Google Engineer Matt Cutts dressed up

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