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Remove DMOZ and Yahoo Directory Titles and Descriptions

This is already old news for the seasoned SEO professional but still new to many budding SEO noobs out there. The main reason I posted this was because of a thread I found on SEO Philippines’ Forum, where someone was asking why the title on the Google search results were still showing the old titles.

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Getting out of Google's Supplemental Index

The drive for me to write this blog post was mainly from a PM from a member of SEO Philippines. His message below and i translated parts of his message in Tagalog to English. This is Carl of carlocab.com I have been a fan of you since the start Your the best in SEO! And,

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Yahoo, Google and Microsoft came out with new things… and more on my SEO Car

Not really that new, it came out about more than a week ago I think, thus this is already ancient news already. Yahoo – They did some blackhat stuff. Although they kind of said in some unofficial statement in a way that you know stuff like this can get through sometimes through the various levels

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Google Street View Showing Sunbathing and A Woman’s Thong

Update: I am noticing some traffic this blog post is still getting, but this is a very old post. It was posted back in 2007. And if you are double checking if these Google StreetView images exist, they are already gone. Google updated them long time ago. But every once in a while, I think

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